tube triode GS-24b

Vacuum tube triode GS-24b
Manufacturer: made in USSR
SKU: 010039- GS24b_TX21

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Tento produkt je již zastaralý a je vhodný pro sběratele. Bez záruky funkčnosti.

This product is obsolete and is suitable for collectors. Without guarantee of functionality.

Vacuum tube triode GS-24b (NOS)

Used for example in: Soviet aviation radio station R-849

Heater voltage 11.35 - 13.85V

Anode voltage 900 V

Power by the anode 120 watts

Power by the grid 2.5W

Cathode current (DC) 250 mA

Grid current (DC):

for l> 60 cm 80 mA

for l<60 cm 50 mA

Cold heater resistance tested: cca 5,5?